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Cultural heritage surveys and assessments

Turnstone Archaeology undertakes Aboriginal cultural heritage projects, large and small, throughout Queensland, from major dams and mining surveys to small boutique projects.

We bring years of successful experience to provide meaningful outcomes for all parties with consultation, communication and positive direction.

We provide assistance with development of cultural heritage management plans (CHMPs), balanced assessments of significance, and clear readable reports.  We work with clients to produce achievable and manageable mitigation strategies.

The Steele Archive

Turnstone Archaeology is proud to be the recipient of the Steele Archive.
These are the records, notes, reports and data used by the well-known historian, Rev John Steele, of Aboriginal sites and places used for the compilation the his well-known 1984 book, Aboriginal Pathways, published by the University of Queensland Press.  The archive contains unused and new material not included in Steele’s books.  These records are available on request for study.

Legislation and Cultural Heritage Management Plans

Turnstone Archaeology can assist in understanding Queensland and Commonwealth legislation and your Duty of Care.  Part of meeting your Duty of Care can be the act of developing cultural heritage management plans in accordance with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (Qld).  We can provide tailor-made Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) to suit your needs and also make sure that you clearly understand what your responsibilities are under current legislation.

Research projects are a particular strength at Turnstone.  Our personnel are highly experienced in undertaking various forms of research which include journal article research, oral history recording and documentation, cultural heritage site database construction, interpretative displays and signage, cultural heritage awareness training and educational presentations.

Communication and consultation

Turnstone considers the dissemination of information back to Aboriginal communities particularly important.

We assist with development of family trees, training programs, recording and mapping of cultural sites, and the safe storage of cultural artefacts.

We see good communication and consultation as best practice and open and transparent sharing of Information—where appropriate—to  facilitate project success.



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