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Dr Mark W. Moore is one of Australia’s leading international authorities in lithic research with numerous scientific papers published in refereed journals.  Mark works as a lecturer (Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology) at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW.  He is involved with studying the stone tools of the ‘Hobbit’ (Homo floresiensis) from Flores, Indonesia, and is currently looking at stone tool morphology in southeast Queensland.  Mark provides valuable cooperation in the field of lithic studies and artefact reduction analysis in association with Turnstone Archaeology.


Dr Walter (Wally) Wood is a graduate of Medicine and Surgery (Hons) and also of Science from the University of Queensland. He has recently retired as Associate Professor of Human Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology at Bond University, Robina, Gold Coast, Qld. Wally is a specialist in the field of Human Bone Identification (Forensic Anthropology) and has taught and consulted in this area for over 40 years.  He is particularly skilled in the identification of prehistoric Aboriginal skeletal remains and in developing a skeletal profile and establishing the identity of modern human remains of unknown origin.


Claire manages her own archaeological consultancy and is a highly experienced and passionately enthusiastic archaeologist  in cultural heritage data management, including GIS data management, database design (using Heurist), development of research and cultural heritage data management methodologies, as well as experience in archaeological report writing and fieldwork, including archaeological survey and excavation. Claire was employed in 2010 to develop and manage a GIS database for the World Heritage sites of Bahrain (including developed a national site GIS database using GIS and Heurist for the Directorate of Archaeology, Ministry of Culture, Bahrain, as well as assisting in data management on a number of projects within the Directorate of Archaeology, spanning time periods from 3rd millenium BC to the Late Islamic period.


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