“We firmly believe that by working together with our clients in an environment of respect and open communication, we can achieve best practice cultural heritage outcomes and empowerment for the communities with whom we work.”

Community Consultation

Communication & Consultation

Turnstone Archaeology advocates best practices in cultural heritage as a way to meaningful and successful outcomes for Aboriginal people and proponents.

Cultural analysis and assessments

Cultural Heritage Surveys & Assessments

Turnstone Archaeology has a strong commitment to ethical involvement and best practices in cultural heritage surveys and archaeological assessments.

Cultural Landscapes

Cultural Landscapes

Turnstone Archaeology has developed a successful cultural landscape predictive model to identify potential constraints as well as to inform on mitigation strategies with a focus on protecting cultural heritage.

Turnstone Archaeology has a strong and committed approach to working with Aboriginal people across a variety of cultural landscapes.

Margaret Hornigold

Barada Kabalbara Yetimarala, 2020